Impacts of having Multiple QMs in your RQM deployment

Continuing from my previous post on Impacts of having Multiple CCMs in your RTC deployment I will now focus on what Ralph Schoon and I have found for Quality Management (QM) applications.

RQM and Reuse

RQM is intended to reuse as many test assets as possible, to reduce maintenance and improve productivity of the test teams.  Copying any of the assets creates a separate, editable copy, meaning for the same asset, you have to maintain the original and the copies in two (or more) places.  Copying should be kept to a minimum to maximize reuse within projects.

This focus on reuse encourages fewer projects, keeping like assets (by system, domain, segment, etc), in the same project area. 

The only functional reason to distribute project areas across multiple QM application instances is for scalability.  These too then should be organized to keep like projects together.

Ideally, to maximize reuse, avoid multiple QM application instances unless it is truly necessary for scalability.

Impact of Multiple QM Instances

The “Duplicate” capability – which enables you to replicate a single test artifact or an entire collection of artifacts – only supports duplication within the source project area or to a project area on the same application instance. You cannot use Duplicate to copy artifacts to a project area on another server.

However there is an ‘as-is’ command line RQM Copy Utility allowing copying of artifacts across servers. 

Built-in reporting and Rational Reporting for Developer Intelligence reports are limited in scope to one application server (Rational Insight would be required to report across QM instances).


As you can see, we only found a few differences (thanks to Marianne Hollier, Rational Services QM SME for these).  Ralph and I have a long history in Rational Team Concert so it is not surprising that our list there is longer.  As with the previous blog, if you are aware of other differences, please post a reply so I can augment the blog.


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