Guidance on adopting IBM CLM configuration management across the lifecycle

Earlier this year, Kathryn Fryer and I formed a workgroup to share experiences we’ve had with customers adopting the IBM CLM configuration management solution. The purpose being to elicit our shared recommended practices and guidance.  The workgroup consisted of representatives from Services, Support, Development, Test, Enablement and Product Management.

When forming your Configuration Management plan we recommend it consider the following key topics:

  • End to End Process Flow (context for use of configuration management)
  • Component Strategy
  • Stream Strategy
  • Baseline Strategy
  • Change Management (including DNG change sets)
  • Cross-stream Updates
  • Reviews and Approvals
  • Traceability, Link Validity and impact analysis
  • Naming, Tagging, Custom Attribute Conventions
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Configuration aware Reporting
  • Integrations (including non-CLM)
  • Communication Plan

Our aim is to create guidance that encompasses each of these topic areas to aid you in creation of your configuration management plan.

The first such guidance is now available on

Our focus has been on general adoption guidance along with component and stream strategies (both are critical at the outset and go hand in hand). Next focus areas are yet to be determined but could include finishing out the stream strategies (a couple more patterns remain) baselining strategy and change management.

We value your feedback on the guidance to date and input on areas to focus on next.

If you are at the IBM Watson IoT: Continuous Engineering Summit 2017 this week in New Orleans, be sure to say hello. Check out the talk I have with Ian Zimmerman on Friday at 2:30pm (Azalea 1): CM05 – Adopting Configuration Management: What You Need to Know!


4 thoughts on “Guidance on adopting IBM CLM configuration management across the lifecycle

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  2. Hello Tim,

    we two RM instances
    RM1 -> has project area p1
    RM2 -> has project area p2
    Both the instances are connected to the same JTS. Now we have a use case that we have to link requirements from p2->p1.

    Since we have configuration management enabled we have created a GC Stream with configuration(s) from both the project area.
    For EG:
    p1 DNG Stream
    p2 DNG Stream
    We have linked across project areas in one RM instance with Config Mgmt enabled is it not possible to link across two RM instances?

    Abhishek Kumar

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