More guidance on using IBM IoT CE solution with configuration management

Last year I announced several new guidance articles on use of our configuration management capability in Guidance on adopting IBM CLM configuration management across the lifecycle. Our workgroup continued and has several guidance articles in progress; we’ve just published the first in a series we expect to complete by end of year.

As the articles are published, I’ll update the list above with the proper links.  All of our guidance articles can be accessed here.


Scaling the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution across an enterprise

It’s critical that clients understand the implications when scaling your Jazz topology by adding additional servers for a given application. Ralph and I have been documenting these considerations and discussing them with customers over the last few years. We recently gave a webinar on this topic. See the following blog post for details.


Scaling the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution across an enterprise, is the title of the webinar Tim and I presented recently. Tim and I have worked on this content for a while and consider it important. Please also see  Tim’s related post Getting to a right-sized Jazz environment. There is additional reading below.

Objectives of the presentation

Scaling the v6.0.x Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution across an enterprise often includes multiple instances of a given Jazz application. What multi-Jazz application options are available and what are the considerations?

  • What topologies and general multi-Jazz application options are available
  • How Jazz applications such as Change Configuration Management (CCM), Quality Management (QM) and Requirements Management (RM) relate to a Jazz Team Server (JTS)
  • The impact, advantages and disadvantages of multiple CLM Applications
  • What to consider when scaling and developing usage models adopting one of these deployment options to avoid surprises

If you…

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