Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to me. Below is the privacy notice for this Site.

Who am I and what the blog is about

This is my personal blog and I share some background information about me here. This blog site is about sharing business related experience from my business and every day life. Mostly it is, so far, about IT, software development related products and its APIs. As explained in the disclaimer on the home page, the posts on this Site are based on my own experience and don’t necessarily represent my employers position, strategies or opinions.

Information collected

The intent of this Site is to share information, not to collect users personal data. However, the Site is hosted with a free plan by the service provider WordPress from Automattic. The service provider WordPress from Automattic collects, processes and stores a certain amount of data and uses ads to be able to provide the free hosting of this blog presence. This Site uses an out of the box WordPress template which only has the default Jetpack plug in installed and enabled. This document refers to users that visit this Site to read published content and interact with the Site through features such as comments, “likes,” poll/survey responses, and follows as “Visitors”. As a visitor to this blog you can find the privacy policy related to the hosting service WordPress from Automattic at That privacy policy provides additional details related to the services provided by the hosting Site, the data collected in the process and how to request that data and its removal. For more information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the context of WordPress from Automattic, please also refer to

Information provided by visitors

The Site allows visitors to

  • Subscribe and follow the Site
  • Comment on blog content of the Site

Based on the the aforementioned privacy policy, here are the most common ways in which a visitor directly provides information to this Site:

  • Follower and Subscriber Information: When a visitor signs up to follow or subscribe to a Site using Jetpack or, the sign-up information requested by the Site, which typically includes an email address, is collected.
  • Site Comments: When a visitor leaves a comment on a Site, that comment, and other information that the visitor provides along with the comment, such as the visitor’s name and email address are collected.

Please also note

  • Comments do not expire automatically.
  • Subscriptions do not expire automatically. You can manage your subscriptions here.

Information provided by the Blog Author

Sometimes the content of a blog is based on work with others or a reblog. I try to credit contributors and try to reference them in blog posts. Some blogs may reference names, e-mails or references to gravatar or other user records in public forums.

Information Automatically Collected from the Site

Some data is automatically collected from visitors to this blog by the service provider WordPress from Automattic as explained here. In summary the data collected for this Site is:

  • Technical Data from a Visitor’s Computer and Etcetera
  • Visitor Interactions
  • Location Information
  • Akismet Commenter Information
  • Information from Cookies and Other Technologies

As a visitor to this blog, you can find the details to above topics in the privacy policy related to the hosting service WordPress from Automattic at in the section Information We Automatically Collect from the Site. For more information about the use of cookies and other technologies for tracking, including how visitors can control the use of cookies, please see the Cookie Policy. Ads are enabled on this Site, since it is Site hosted for free. Some blog posts have links to source code. The source code is stored in Dropbox. You don’t have to log in or have an account at Dropbox to download the data. You can find the privacy notice of Dropbox here.


If you need help with locating and removing personal data from this site, please contact me at

  • You can manage and remove your subscription in the self service subscription widget of the main page leading to here. If you need help with removing subscriptions send me an email.
  • If you need help with removing comments specifically from this site, please send me an email.
  • If you need help with removing any other personal information that is specific to this blog, please send me an email.

If you require information about personal data that is stored by the hosting service WordPress from Automattic check the contact provided in Currently the contact to help with questions around personal data for or Gravatar Accounts can be found at